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Research Papers

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• Ananya’s paper

• Paper on oxidative stress


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• S.A. Udipi, Niranjana Shah and Rajesh Parekh. Guide to
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• Ensuring Food Safety and Hygiene. A Manual for Trainers.
• Ensuring Food Safety and Hygiene. A Manual for Restaurant
  Owners and Handlers. 2008

Booklets/ Pamphlets

Geriatric Fitness Manual for Healthy Indian Geriatric Population. Kasturi Sen Ray and Isha Singh (2009).
Contact :
+91-22-2660-8462 ext 226, 280

Department of Food Science and Nutrition,
SNDT Women’s University
Juhu Campus, Sir Vithaldas
Vidyavihar, Juhu Road,
Santacruz (W),
Mumbai 400 049

Head of Department
Prof. Archna Bhatnagar

• Ph.D in Resource Management
• Master in Resource Management
• Master in Interior Design
• PG Diploma in Hospitality
• PG Diploma in Interior Designing
• PG Diploma in Environment and Development

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Archna Bhatnagar
• Dr. Bishnupriya Dasgupta (Associate Professor)